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4 Interesting Layout Designs for Tiles

Interior Design With Countertop And WallWhen it comes to installing tile, there are a number of choices you need to make. Choices such as tile brand, material, colors, and size of the tiles. However, one of the most important choices that change how the tiles look is how you choose to lay them out. It can completely change the personality of your home. Tile layout designs can range from simple to very complicated.

4 Visually Stunning Laying Designs for Tile

There are many interesting tile designs that can look interesting in any home. Take a look at some of these interesting designs that look impressive in any home.

1. Herringbone Tile Design

The herringbone tile design is popular in tile layout as well as hardwood floor layout. The style was given its name because it resembles the skeleton of a Herring, a bony fish. With the herringbone tile layout, the rectangular tiles are laid perpendicular to each other to create a v-shape. These v-shapes are then laid parallel to each other. The layout creates a chevron effect. This herringbone style can make any room look elegant and sophisticated.

2. Offset Tile Design

This design usually uses rectangular subway tiles, although it can be done with square tiles. The most common type of offset tile designs is 1/2-offset tile design, this is also known as “brick layout”. However, 1/3-offset tile design is also very popular. Subway tiles offer a classic look that is still visually stunning. This looks nice especially in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.

3. Basketweave Tile Design

With the basketweave tile design, you need both rectangular and smaller square tiles. With the basketweave tile design, you place the rectangular tiles perpendicular to each other so that the shorter side lines up with the middle of the longer side of another tile. It makes a t-shape. These are laid out to create an interlocking pattern. The empty spaces are then filled with the smaller square tiles. This is an exquisite tile design that can give any room a bit of a vintage look.

4. Windmill Tile Design

With the windmill tile design, you also need rectangular and smaller square tiles. The rectangular tiles form a square around the smaller square tiles. When these squares are laid next to each other the rectangular tiles create a pattern that looks like a windmill. This intricate design looks impressive anywhere in the home.

Deciding Your Tile Layout Design

Whenever you are looking at tile, it is always a good idea to talk with a kitchen and bathroom designer. A bathroom and kitchen designer will be able to help you figure out the look that you want and help you decide the right type of tile and layout for your home. There are so many beautiful types of tiles that can give your home a luxurious feel. Designing a bathroom or kitchen can be very difficult, there are a number of choices that you need to make. A kitchen and bathroom designer can help you create a beautiful, cohesive design that you will absolutely love.


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