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5 Bathroom Tile Trends You Should Know About

bathroom with white tileWhite subway tiles have been dominating bathroom remodel a little bit longer than they should. Don’t get us wrong, we love the classic, clean look of white subway tiles. They brighten up any space and give the space a pristine base for other decor. Tile just has a little bit more to offer. With different textures and designs, your tile could be more than simply a base for your decor, it can make a statement. Take a look at some of these trends that can make your bathroom stand out.

1. 3-Dimensional Tiles

Right now, it is especially popular to have 3-dimensional tiles in your bathroom. There are a variety of choices in this trend. Some homeowners may install a bold geometric design or a calmer, organic pattern. If you don’t want the effect to be overpowering, you may just want to decorate one area of the bathroom with this type of tile. For example, homeowners may decide that they want the tile to decorate the backsplash of the bathtub or shower.

2. Geometric Mosaic Tile Designs

Mosaics have been popular in bathrooms since the 4th-century BC. Romans would decorate their floors and public bathrooms with incredibly detailed mosaics. While most homeowners lack the time, energy, and skill to create mosaics as detailed as the Romans could, we still like the look of a mosaic. Right now, it is particularly popular to install tile designs that are made with smaller tiles and integrate different colors in a beautiful geometric design.

3. Large-Format Tile

If you don’t like the idea of the very small tiles, you can go in the opposite direction. Installing large, oversized tiles can be very bold and can make a space feel uncluttered and open. Many homeowners do not like the overuse of grout and many of our brands some great large-format tile options.

4. Honed Finishes

If you don’t like the over glossy look of tile, you may want to think about using some tiles with a matte finish. Honed finishes, especially on warm neutral colored tiles, add a welcoming look to any bathroom. This look is especially nice with bronze or gold-colored fixtures. However, darker tiles with honed finishes can look very dramatic. They will give a bathroom a stronger, more masculine look, and they look especially nice with stainless steel fixtures.

5. Heated Tiles

This may not be a style trend in particular, but it is a growing trend in bathrooms. When you get out of the shower, stepping out onto the cold tile may not seem like a pleasant thought. There are many homeowners that decide to install in-floor heating into their bathroom floor. This way, their floor can be nice and warm once the decide to step out of the bathroom.

Make sure that you discuss your tiling options with an interior designer. They can help you decide the right patterns, colors, and designs to match your family’s unique personality when it comes to your custom bathroom. So, before you decide to install all of that subway tile into your bathroom, just remember that you do have options.


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