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Creative Cabinets

Home Improvement Can be CraftyCreative Cabinetry in New Kitchen Remodel

In a Pinterest-ruled world where DIY is can be a competition, household features and fixtures can be sanded down, dressed up, and made to look as ravishingly beautiful as you can possibly imagine. Every day, people underestimate what an attractive, high-quality cabinet can do for a room: they can make a kitchen look prettier, it can make a bedroom cozier, and really personalize an office. Attractive cabinet and storage spaces can be as much a part of the decor as the sweet border of lavender that you used to dress the wood frame around your door. Making your cabinets stand out is part of making your home your own, and owning your space with your creativity. It does help, though, to find inspiration in what others have done.

Use a Trinket Box on the Wall to Store Small Jewelry

It would be unwise to try to fit your bangle bracelets and chunky necklace into a box that’s not larger than your hand, but using a trinket box on your wall is a lovely addition to a decorative hanging mirror. Whether you utilize a thin board as a sort of floating shelf, or you are able to drill the trinket box into the wall with a power tool, it will make a cute and fun place to put rings and earring studs.

Use a Book Box to Store Folded Scarves and Bandanas

Book boxes are back in vogue as home decor. Set it up as you did the trinket box, or simply float it on two or three nails in a wall stud. The easy open-and-shut design lends itself to stacks of cloth, or even cosmetics.

Take a Rolling Kitchen Island into Your Bedroom

You’re probably seen the waist-high islands meant to go into your kitchen for storing cooking implements and spices. With a little spray paint and some linings for the drawers, you have a new bureau! Use the top of the island to store your makeup, lotion, or perfume.

Use a Reusable Grocery Bag

While this doesn’t necessarily count as a cabinet, it is another great DIY storage idea that could also be put into the back of a closet. Cut open a reusable grocery bag so that one of the handles points up, and one points down. Cut slits in a line across the bag, reinforce them with packing tape, and use the slits to hang necklaces and large pairs of earrings. Hang the bag by its top handle wherever you please.

Use an Old Shoebox

Reinforce the box with duct tape, spray paint it your color of choice, and mount the way you did your book box or your trinket box.

Stencil Your Own Cabinets

Have plenty of space in your home? Most people are fortunate enough to have enough space, but maybe their space could use a quick refresh. Using stencils from your local craft store is a quick, easy way to start changing your home to reflect who you are. You have your choice of paint and unlimited designs. Don’t be afraid to combine and lay stencils over each other for more fun! Wall decals, wall borders, and even images from coloring books can all go on your cabinets to bring new life into your space.

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