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Creative Ideas For Custom Cabinets

kitchen-with-modern-updatesMake Your Cabinets Unique And Beautiful

When you think of remodeling your kitchen, you may not get all that excited about the cabinet portion of the project, but perhaps you should. Cabinets can be fully customized into something functional and beautiful. They don’t have to be your run of the mill cabinets like you would see in another kitchen, either. To make the space truly your own, consider one of these four creative custom cabinets.

Beverage Cabinets With A Unique Design

Whether you like wine before bed or soda late in the afternoon, you can design cabinets that match the kitchen but have a unique flair. The beverage cabinet can have a slide-out rack to help you take inventory of what you have. You can store wine, soda, water bottles, or anything else you like, depending on how you design the space. It’s better than having the beverages sitting on the floor of the pantry and it gives your kitchen added style.

Leave Some Cabinets Open

Cabinets that don’t have doors or incorporate glass in their doors make it easier to see what you need and simple to reach items as well. If you have china that has been in your family for generations or brightly colored dishes that add a pop of color, you should show them off. You can then place doors on other cabinets to hide away the things you don’t want to see all the time.

Cabinets For Appliances

There are some things that create an eyesore and take up too much space on a counter. You can create nooks for house appliances out of the cabinets you choose. Customize the size to fit all of the items you’d like and they are within reach while maintaining a uniform, clean look in the kitchen.

Utilize Corner Cabinets

When you have a smaller kitchen, you want to make the most of every inch of space you have. The corner can be a wasted space when it comes to cabinets, but if you place a corner cabinet in with a spinning rack, you can store pots and pans, spice racks, or plenty of other things.

Go Tall Or Vary It

Kitchens almost always lack storage space. You can never really have too much storage. If you know you want more room to place things, make some of your cabinets tall while others are normal in height. You can place things you don’t use very often up high and give the room a varied, dimensional look at the same time.

Get More Ideas From Premier Design & Cabinetry

The professionals at Premier Design & Cabinetry work with cabinets on a daily basis. Our designers are happy to work with you to create the cabinets of your dreams, whether they are run of the mill or something completely unique and different. We want to meet the needs of your family while giving your kitchen a beautiful look. We offer some of the best cabinet brands on the market for all your custom cabinet needs!


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