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Is Granite or Quartz Countertop Better?

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This is a question that we are asked all the time. It can be a difficult decision to figure out. To be honest, the answer is really neither is “better”. It all depends on what your style preferences and the needs of your kitchen. You need to consider certain aspects of each type of countertop and how they compare. Weigh the following features to help you figure out which countertop is best for your family.


Generally, the cost will be the same for either granite or quartz. It can be costly to quarry granite, but quartz needs to be manufactured, and that has costs as well. The price of granite usually ranges between $40 and $200 per square foot, but most granite countertops will range between $50 and $80 per square foot. Quartz countertops will range between $45 and $120 per square foot, with most options ranging between $60 and $80 per square foot.

However, something else that you need to consider is that granite does have a larger price range. This is due to the fact that some types of granite are much more plentiful than other options. It all boils down to how much you are willing to spend for the style of countertop you want.


There is next to no difference in the durability of either countertop. Both types of countertop are scratch resistant, crack resistant, and antimicrobial. However, there are some differences when it comes to heat resistance.

Granite has the ability to be unaffected by extremely high heat. Quartz can withstand high temperatures as well. However in certain instances, when hot pans were placed directly on the countertop, the resin within the quartz warped. I want to emphasize that this warping is very rare.


Since both surfaces are antimicrobial, they are both very easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about bacteria. Both surfaces are fairly stain resistant and most options do not need to be sealed.


Quartz offers a number of color and style options. This makes them more customizable from a style standpoint. However, most interior designers agree that quartz can look extremely uniform and man-made. Granite has unique colors, patterns, and textures. It has much more of a “natural” look. However, since it is such a natural material, you may not be able to find the specific color that you want for your countertop.

I want to reiterate the point that in each of these features, granite and quartz are basically equal. It really comes down to your style choice and your desires. Discuss your options with an interior designer. He or she can help you look through your options and help you make the right choice for your kitchen remodeling project. Neither is an obviously “better” choice. It is best to choose all of your products for your kitchen remodeling altogether. This way, you can make the best cabinetry and countertop choices together. Choosing the best countertop is an important decision. You want your kitchen to look beautiful for years to come; be sure that you find the right countertop for your style and for your needs.


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