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Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Your Guide to Cabinets for Your Kitchen and for Your Bathroom

Add Cabinets to Your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Plans

Cabinets are one of the most noticeable features of kitchens and bathrooms. While  they may not necessarily be the most exciting interior design feature in your home, they certainly are functional. Cabinets allow for all sorts of items to be easily and neatly stored while remaining accessible at all time. From silverware to soap bars, cabinets provide convenient storage space for items used throughout your home.

More than functional however, the style and design of cabinets significantly affect the overall aesthetic of the rooms they are situated in. In today’s blog post from Premier Design & Cabinetry, we will be taking a look at some of the functions and styles of kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets

Along with pantries, sinks, refrigerators, and stoves, cabinets are a central feature of most kitchens and are used to store a variety of items commonly found in kitchens including silverware, dishes, cups, glasses, spices and seasonings, cans, tupperware, pots, pans, skillets, and foodstuffs. Kitchen cabinets are typically found below countertops and mounted on the walls above stovetops, sinks, counters, and cooking areas, allowing for utensils, cooking equipment, and supplies to be easily reached for cooking and serving food.

Bathroom Cabinets

Like the cabinets in kitchens, bathroom cabinets are a prominent design feature that happen to provide storage space. Cabinets in bathrooms are commonly used to store items commonly found in bathrooms, including toiletries, toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, soaps, floss, shaving razors, shaving cream,shampoos, conditioners, hair and skin products, and medications.

Cabinet Styles for Kitchens & Bathrooms

When it comes to styles, cabinets come in many different styles made from a variety of materials giving homeowners and interior designers many options to choose from when trying to create a certain look for a bathroom or kitchen.

Popular styles for kitchen and bathroom cabinets include:

    • Louvered— Horizontally-oriented wooden slats
    • Flat— Flat-panel cabinet doors are simple yet elegant, giving kitchens a modern, minimalist look
    • Inset— Typically one of the more pricey styles of cabinetry, inset is a classic and favorite of many homeowners and interior design experts.
    • Beadboard— With center panels made to look like traditional beadboard paneling, beadboard-style cabinets give kitchens a cottage-chic look.
    • Craftsman— The Craftsman style of cabinet, as with the Craftsman style of home design  in general, is characterized by straight lines, larger proportions, and relative little ornamentation.

    Custom Cabinets by Premier Design & Cabinetry

    Since 2008, Premier Design & Cabinetry has been designing  custom kitchens and bathrooms around the Greater Chicago area. Our owner, Sheri, is passionate about interior design and together with her team of expert and construction specialists, has helped transform more than 2,000 home interiors in the area. Premier Design & Cabinetry creates and installs custom cabinets, custom countertops, tiles, sinks, faucets, vanities, lighting and more. We work exclusively with leading brands of cabinets such as Dura Supreme, Kemper, Holiday Kitchens, and Das Holz Haus Amish Furniture and prominently display examples of each in our showroom in La Grange Park, Illinois.


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