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Modern Trends For Cabinets

Staying In Style With CabinetsCabinets

When it comes to decorating your home, you want something stylish and trendy, but you also want something that isn’t going to go out of style next year. Many of the recent trends in cabinets are things that look great now, but will also look good many years from now. If you are building a new home, or re-doing your current house, the cabinets you decide to place in your kitchen are very important to the look, feel, and functionality of the space. Consider some of these current trends and see if any fit your personal preferences and needs.

Light And Simple Cabinets

You might want to go with white or off-white Shaker-style doors to give your kitchen a clean, light, modern look. Cabinets in any shade of white endure throughout the years of changing styles and they also give your home a versatile appearance in case you ever decide to sell down the road. White Shaker-style cabinets show up in traditional, cottage, and even modern kitchens. They can work around many different styles.

Hidden Efficiency

You want your cabinets to look nice, but you don’t want them to take over the room and take away too much space. That’s why you need cabinets that have plenty of built-in efficiency. That way, you can get the storage you need without going overboard with too many cabinets. There are plenty of storage options with cabinets today so you need to decide what will best serve you. You can get pullout trays, narrow spaces for cookie sheets, bread boxes, and much more.

Open Islands

Many kitchens have islands that include cabinets for extra storage. If you find that you are able to get efficient cabinets in the rest of the room, consider eliminating the cabinets from that area completely and getting a tall, open island that can be doubled as a table. You can use it for prep space, serving food, or casual breakfasts. It opens up the room and makes the cabinets elsewhere stand out even further.

Custom Drawers

In past years, all of the drawers in the cabinets were blank spaces. Some may have been deeper than others, but that was about it. Today, you can customize drawers with concealed features that help you store even more within them in a handy manner. You can get pull out drawers with attached shelves, for example, for pots and pans. You can get drawers with inserts for dishes, silverware, or other items. These inserts help you maintain a clutter free kitchen and keep as much off the counter as possible.

Finding Your Cabinets

While there are plenty of trendy options, you really need to decide what is best for you and your family. Keep resale in mind because chances are, eventually you will sell your home. But after that, get what will work best for your needs. When you are ready to look at options, or if you need help with the designs, contact Premier Design & Cabinetry. We have remodeling pictures we can show you and we’d even love to come to your home for an in-home appointment and assessment.


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