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Uses For Old Cabinets

Older-cabinets-of-the-kitchenUse Old Cabinets Again

When you create your dream kitchen, complete with new, beautiful kitchen cabinets, you may feel bad about old items going to waste. The old kitchen cabinets, for example, may be perfectly functional. They just didn’t fit into the style or function of your new kitchen. The good news is there are plenty of ways to use old cabinets so they don’t go to waste. If your old cabinets are in decent shape, consider one of these uses for them after you remodel with new cabinets.

Repurpose The Cabinets

Cabinets are a great storage space and when you take them out of your kitchen, you can give them a new home and purpose. Consider putting the cabinets into your garage or basement in order to use them again for storage in another location. Paint them or remove the doors completely to give an open storage space and shelving. You could also use cabinets to create a desk or workstation. They are often the right height for an adjustable chair and make a good craft area or workstation for other things.

Donate The Cabinets

If the cabinets are in decent condition and they might fit into another kitchen well, check with local charities to see if they take old cabinets. There are often home improvement resale stores that take cabinets and other similar items as donations. They use them in homes and sell them to earn money to put toward charitable projects. You could also consider giving them to businesses that might need storage cabinets in a backroom. Just because they don’t fit in your kitchen doesn’t mean they won’t work somewhere!

Craft The Cabinets

If you are crafty, you could take the cabinets apart and use the old doors and drawer fronts for wall hangings, poster frames, trays, and other craft projects. Creative homeowners can come up with a number of ways to reuse beautiful wood to create unique crafts for gifts and home functions.

Before You Decide

Of course, before you come up with new uses for your old cabinets, you have to get them out of your kitchen and install new ones. Your kitchen comes first! Then you can decide what to do with the old cabinets. Premiere Design & Cabinetry has everything you need for kitchen cabinets. We work with cabinets so frequently that we can certainly treat your old cabinets with loving care so you can place them in another part of your house, donate them, or do whatever else you want with them. We’ll meet your family’s needs, both with your new cabinets and your old ones. Give us a call for a free consultation and let’s take a look at the needs of your kitchen. We’re happy to keep your old cabinets in good shape for you during the process!


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